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Vol. 11, Special Issue 2 (2022)

Preparation of Ghontaphaladi Kshara: A practical approach

Dr. Sunita Mehra and Dr. Rajender Singh
Ayurveda is a holistic science having various branches like sharir rachna, sharir kriya, kaya chikitsa, shalya tantra, shalakya tantra etc. Among these branches ras shashtra and bhashajya kalpna are branches of Ayurveda dealing with the knowledge of preparation of various types of medicines like Vati, Asava, Arishta, Churna, Avleha and Kshara etc. Kshara or medicated alkaline material is the herbal extract of plants like Apamarga, Snuhi, arka, Kutaja, Aragwadha. It can be obtained from single herb or it can be compound/mixture of many herbs or can be prepared from mixture of herbs and minerals as a herbomineral kshara. Ghontaphaladi kshara is a mixed alkaline preparation of different herbs, salts and resin. Ghontaphaladi Kshara has been shown to be one of the treatments of Nadi Vrana, a non-healing type of persistent ulcer. Along with many classical texts descriptions about Kshara are available in Sushrut Samhita. The Kshara or alkaline preparations are very effective in many diseases and even can replace the need of many surgical procedures. Kshara has many therapeutic uses. Kshara or alkaline preparation can be utilized in different ways like internal use such as paaniya kshara in mutrashmari, external application as pratisarniya Kshara in Arsha, in the form of Kshar sutra in Bhagandra (Fistula-in-Ano), and Kshar varti in Nadi vrana (sinuses). The current study details the most practical way of preparing Ghontaphaladi Kshara for clinical use.
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Dr. Sunita Mehra and Dr. Rajender Singh. Preparation of Ghontaphaladi Kshara: A practical approach. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(2S): 880-882.

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