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Vol. 10, Special Issue 9 (2021)

Design and development of media mixture machine for horticultural crop nursery

Hage VJ and Dhande KG
Preparation of media mixture was important operation in horticultural nursery. Traditionally media was mixed and filled manually in poly bags, it requires more labour and time. The labours were not available in time and hinder the nursery raising process. The media were being mixed by spade preferably by men labourers. Then women workers were filling the media mixture in poly bags in sitting posture. It was not only a tedious job with poor output, but also a laborious work. The manually mixed media does not get mixed properly and may affect the growth of seedling. To overcome above mention problem, the media mixture machine was design and developed for horticultural crop nursery. The developed media mixture machine was suitable for small scale horticulture nursery. Its consists of hopper, pulverizing drum, sieve, mixing drum, metering mechanism, electric motor and safety guard. An electric motor of 2 hp single phase rated power was selected as the power source for operating the media mixture machine.
Based on result of developed media mixture machine for horticultural crop nursery, conclusions were drawn on the basis of research work. The media obtained from machine was uniform and properly mixed which was required for better establishment of nursery sapling. It was found that bulk density of media mixture decreases whereas particle density and total porosity increases of media mixture after passing through pulverizing and mixing drum of developed machine. The size of media obtained as minimum 1.97 mm at 140 kg/h feed rate. The thoroughly mixed media mixture was obtained from developed media mixture machine. The degree of metering of developed media mixture machine varies from 1.4 % to 1.57 % with a different operating conditions. The power required to operate media mixture machine was in range of 0.62 to 1.06 kW with different operating conditions.
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Hage VJ and Dhande KG. Design and development of media mixture machine for horticultural crop nursery. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(9S): 725-729.

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