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Vol. 10, Special Issue 9 (2021)

De-trashing of sugarcane: A review

Animesh Chandravanshi, Ajay Verma and Dhananjay Roy
Sugarcane is a sturdy, low risk cash/industrial crop grown in tropical and subtropical areas. Its growing importance is growing steadily as revealed from the fact that world’s sugarcane area was increased four times during 1950-2011. The cultivation of sugarcane is energy intensive (143.9 GJ ha-1) as well as labour intensive (3300 man-h ha-1). The farmers quite often suffer from labour shortages particularly during harvesting, mainly due to engagement of local labour in various government sponsored schemes. De-trashing including de-topping is labour intensive operation. It accounts for 65% of the labour involved in harvesting Therefore mechanized de-trashing of sugarcane seems to be the best option to address this problem. A description of mechanized de-trashing of sugarcane that has been reported in the literature is presented and detail of a suggested mechanized de-thrasher is also reported in this paper.
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Animesh Chandravanshi, Ajay Verma and Dhananjay Roy. De-trashing of sugarcane: A review. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(9S): 01-10.

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