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Vol. 10, Special Issue 12 (2021)

Design of power tiller operated vegetable transplanter

Saurabh Kumar Kulhariya, Dr. RK Naik, Shambhu Singh, Pushpraj Diwan, Aman Kumar and Hemshanker
In India vegetable crops are grown on a large area as it is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world. This study is carried out to design and fabrication of power tiller operated vegetable transplanter for multi crop and using the panel of revied countries over 2019–2021 at Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering FAE, SVCAET IGKV Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India. The seedling transplanter machine is an innovative, labour-saving technology. The cell type metring plate to deliver nursery prepare seedling on dropping tube. The metering cells connected in a bevel gear so that they feed manually through the transplanter and they are operated by Husqvarna TF 545D Power tiller 9 HP / 6.6 kW @ 3600 rpm engine operated by diesel. All while run in forward direction the transplanter opens a narrow furrow. the seedling continuously falls on tube and goes down into the furrow, and then the seedling plants are covered soil by furrow opener and ridger maker. At the start of a row the nursery prepare seedling are continuously fall down into the furrow by gravity force in in front of ridger maker along with soil cover on plants and then run the transplanter forward. The transplanter all will follow each other into the field. The main objective of this paper to design and fabricate of several parts of the transplanter. The comprehensive dimension of vegetable transplanter was 1200×820×300 mm. Mild steel was used to fabricate frame, revolving metering mechanism, ground wheel, dropping tube, furrow opener and other parts of vegetable transplanter. After the study conducted, it was observed for the effective and precise operations, some improvements are needed to be made regarding the metering mechanism to convert it into the auto feed system.
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Saurabh Kumar Kulhariya, Dr. RK Naik, Shambhu Singh, Pushpraj Diwan, Aman Kumar and Hemshanker. Design of power tiller operated vegetable transplanter. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(12S): 2010-2014.

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