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Vol. 10, Issue 1 (2021)

Quality parameters of chilli (Capsicum annumm L.) germplasm under Konkan condition

Ashwini Pardeshi, Pooja Sawant, PB Sanap and SB Dodake
Hundred chilli germplasm viz., pure germplasm, F2 generation, F5 generation and F6 generation cultivated in Konkan region were studied for quality parameter viz., pungency and natural pigments viz., anthocyanine and chlorophyll content in Vegetative Improvement Scheme, Central Reaserch Station, Wakawali, Dapoli. WKLC-1 of F5 generation showed highest pungency (1.26%), while Konkan Kirti of pure germplasm showed lowest pungency (0.21%). The anthocyanin content ranged from 21.36 to 31.57 mg 100 g-1 with maximum content (31.57 mg 100 g-1) in Konkan kirti of pure germplasm. Among hundred chilli germplasm, chlorophyll ‘a’, chlorophyll ‘b’ and total chlorophyll content were found to be maximum in DPLC-2 of pure germplasm.
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Ashwini Pardeshi, Pooja Sawant, PB Sanap, SB Dodake. Quality parameters of chilli (Capsicum annumm L.) germplasm under Konkan condition. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(1):174-179.
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