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Vol. 8, Issue 2 (2019)

Use of aerogel in textile and apparel industry

Sarita Devi, Sushila and Saroj S Jeet Singh
Aerogels are highly porous materials with extreme properties it was in 1930 that Kistler invented the first process for making such a highly porous inorganic silica product. (Venkaterman, et al. 2015). It consists of more than 96% air and remaining 4% is a wispy matrix of silicon dioxide. Aerogel are mainly three types i.e. silica, carbon and metal oxides. Silica aerogel used for insulation, carbon aerogels useful for super capacitors, fuel cells and desalination systems, metal oxides aerogel are also used in the production of explosives and carbon nanotubes.The unique properties of aerogels are extremely useful for designing flexible and lightweight insulation materials. “Aerogel is an amazing insulator; it has to be since NASA uses it in outer space where the temperature is only 2 degrees above absolute zero” (Stella, 2016) [10]. The mechanical and thermal properties of the product may be varied based upon the choice of reinforcing fibres, the aerogel matrix, and pacifications additives included in the composite. Benefits of application of aerogel product i.e. labour costs and maintenance costs will be decreased due to self-cleaning super hydrophobic surface of the elementsand improved human comfort due to moisture management.It can be used for the development of a wide varieties of products in field of textile arogel used in antibacterial textiles, medical textile, insulating textiles, fire retardant textiles, intelligent textiles, clothing & apparels, footwear, gloves, green building and other thermal insulating products also discussed in this article.
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Sarita Devi, Sushila, Saroj S Jeet Singh. Use of aerogel in textile and apparel industry. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(2):329-332.

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