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Vol. 7, Issue 7 (2018)

Effect of prebiotic supplementation on faecal characteristic on buffalo calves

Anjali Khare, Veena Mani, Gaurav Thorat and Sachin Kumar
Ban on the antibiotic as a growth promoter European Union since January 1, 2006 prebiotic come in existence. Twenty eight Murrah buffalo calves were randomly selected and divided into four groups. All the four groups were fed as per ICAR (2013) feeding schedule except that these were additionally supplemented with 0, 8, 16 and 24 g/d chicory root powder (in the four respective groups i. e. CON, T1, T2 T3) for 90 days. Results showed that there is significant (p<0.05) decrease in Fecal, ammonia and faecal pH on supplementation. Faecal lactate is significantly increase in treatment group. Thus, it may be concluded that the supplementation of chicory root powder (8, 16 and 24g) may be useful for enhancing health status and performance of calves. As there is no significant difference observe in the treatment group in 8g and 16 g faecal score, faecal pH, so we can conclude that 8gm of chicory root powder beneficial for calves.
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Anjali Khare, Veena Mani, Gaurav Thorat, Sachin Kumar. Effect of prebiotic supplementation on faecal characteristic on buffalo calves. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(7):215-217.
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