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Vol. 6, Issue 10 (2017)

A review of plant based medicine in treatment of Urolithiatic disorder

Grinsun-Sharma and Gopal Lamichhane
Medicinal plants have been known for ancient time and are well admired in globe as a potential source of curative compounds for the prevention of different diseases. Urolithiasis is precipitation of insoluble and less soluble salt such as Oxalate and Phosphate in urinary tract causing obstruction in urethra resulting renal colic and hematuria. The information on flora was collected from various Journals, websites and books which were additionally revised to ascertain use parts, studied model, ethno medicinal use and different mechanism of action. By analysing 36 articles of 27 journals this review accumulates information of list of 94 plants of 55 families covering 21 mechanism of action which can suppress urolithiasis with three studied model. Also, Conventionally, 20 parts of these plants are used by different modes like boiling, decoction, extract, paste, juice, powder and ash.In this article, an effort has been made to highlight on effective native flora which is used in cure of urolithiasis.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Grinsun-Sharma, Gopal Lamichhane. A review of plant based medicine in treatment of Urolithiatic disorder. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(10):08-12.

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