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Vol. 4, Issue 6 (2015)

Particle size measurement and analysis of jamun (Eugenia jambolana) seed powder

Bhawna S Shirsat, AG Mohod and YP Khandetod
The present study emphasizes on the measuring the particle size of Jamun seed powder (dried at different temp. 50, 70 and 90°C). Sieve analysis technique is used in the present study for estimation of weight percentage of micron sized (light weight flyable) powder particles. This study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of different drying temperatures viz. 50, 70 and 90°C on the quality of Jamun seed powder. The fruits were procured from the vicinity of university campus at Dr. B.S.K.K.V., Dapoli or procured from local market and was subjected to pretreatments. After procuring the fruits from the market were washed thoroughly with clean tap water. Then pulp and seeds are separated by using pulper. After separation of the seeds were washed. Then removal of surface moisture of the seed was done using blotting paper or dry clean cloth. Samples of uniform size were spread evenly in single layer on aluminium trays of tray dryer and dried at a temperature of 50, 70 and 90 °C. After making a powder by using hammer mill, the average size of particle in a ground powder is determined 0.432 to 0.491 mm. Data obtained is useful in deciding the parameters for processing of ‘Jamun’seed.
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Bhawna S Shirsat, AG Mohod, YP Khandetod. Particle size measurement and analysis of jamun (Eugenia jambolana) seed powder. Pharma Innovation 2015;4(6):145-148.
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