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Vol. 12, Special Issue 9 (2023)

Babesia gibsoni based clinical studies in a Shih-Tzu dog

PI Ganesan and Divyanshi Sharma
A 6 months old male, Shih-Tzu dog get admitted in a private veterinary clinic, Jaipur. The dog showed the clinical signs of pyrexia, conjunctivitis, Mucopurulent nasal discharge. Microscopic examination of the Giemsa stained blood smear revealed small form of Babesia gibsoni within erythrocytes. The Hemato-biochemical parameters revealed changes in their values from the normal values. The observed clinical signs by various authors with changes in their Hemato-biochemical parameters in B. gibsoni infected dogs compared with this clinical case and attributed factors discussed. Based on the above findings and as per the recommendation, the dog was treated for B. gibsoni infection successfully with Atovaquone at the dose rate of 3.5 mg/kg body weight administered per OS (PO) every 8 hours with azithromycin at the dose rate of 10 mg/kg body weight PO for 10 days. The recurrence of the infection for B. gibsoni was not observed in this case by its clinical signs and the dog was observed for a period of 60 days after the treatment with normal habits.
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PI Ganesan and Divyanshi Sharma. Babesia gibsoni based clinical studies in a Shih-Tzu dog. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(9S): 749-751.
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