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Vol. 12, Special Issue 9 (2023)

Knowledge, attitude and practices of rural consumers towards energy saving appliances: An exploratory study

Bhavini B Patil, Suma Hasalkar and Geeta Chitagubbi
Organizations, corporations, and individuals must be responsible and aware in their daily activity to avoid harming the environment in response to the public's growing concern about the environment. The majority of environmental issues are brought on by how people live and continually harm the environment. The purpose of the study was to evaluate rural customers' knowledge, attitudes, and actions regarding eco-friendly cosmetics. The study was carried out using an exploratory research design. 300 educated consumers from the rural Dharwad and Belagavi district provided the data, which was gathered. Frequency, percentage, mean, and 't' test were used to examine the data. The findings showed that the majority of consumers were between the ages of 22 and 29. More than half of the study's participants were recent grads. In terms of occupation, a third of the customers chosen for the study were students, followed by consumers who were self-employed and without a job. The majority of consumers had monthly household incomes between 7,380 and 51,780 rupees. The majority of the consumers that were chosen belonged to the upper middle socioeconomic status. Female consumers in rural area had better knowledge than male consumers about energy conservation. The highly significant difference was observed among the male and female respondents about the attitude towards energy saving appliances. In terms of energy conservation, men consumers outperformed female consumers. Government, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations should take up green initiatives such producer subsidies, campaigns on green products, supporting green marketing, and exhibitions on green products for the sake of the populace's health. The idea of energy conservation should be promoted beginning in the classroom. Advertisements for energy-saving equipment should be encouraged in public spaces to raise customer awareness.
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Bhavini B Patil, Suma Hasalkar and Geeta Chitagubbi. Knowledge, attitude and practices of rural consumers towards energy saving appliances: An exploratory study. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(9S): 825-828.
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