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Vol. 12, Special Issue 9 (2023)

Ohmic Heating and its applications in food processing

Sukomaljot Kour, Anjum Ayoub, Harpreet Kaur and Palak Singh
The terms joule heating, electrical resistance heating, direct electrical resistance heating, electro heating, and electro conductive heating are additional terms for ohmic heating. The ohmic heating method heats food components based on their natural electrical resistance characteristics by transforming them into the component parts of an electrical circuit through which an alternating current (AC) flows. The square of the local electric field strength and the product's electrical conductivity determines how much energy is produced. Quick and uniform heating provided by ohmic heating shortens treatment periods and thermally deteriorates vitamins, pigments, and other components less. Producing particulate matter at temperatures exceeding liquid with conventional heating is not achievable without running the danger of blocking the heat transmission surface or burning the food product. Ohmic heating has a wide range of possible uses, according to recent worldwide study. In the military or on extended space missions, this can involve blanching, evaporation, fermentation, extraction, sterilization, pasteurization, and heating food to serving temperature. Prior to being utilized commercially, the majority of applications are still in the waiting stage. It has been demonstrated that ohmic heating works well for a range of food items, including milk, fruit, vegetables, and their products, meat, fish, flours, and starches. Ohmic heating can be used to make food that is secure and of the highest quality, validating any industrial process. Technologies like ohmic heating and dielectric heating, which are incredibly powerful and effective since the heat is generated directly inside the food, have been introduced, and they represent tremendous developments in heating technology.
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Sukomaljot Kour, Anjum Ayoub, Harpreet Kaur and Palak Singh. Ohmic Heating and its applications in food processing. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(9S): 319-323.
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