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Vol. 12, Special Issue 8 (2023)

Comparing various exponentiated distributions through suitable illustration

TA Raja, S Maqbool and Fehim Jeelani
Discussions were held about extended exponentiated weibull, extended exponentiated exponential, extended exponentiated lognormal, and extended exponentiated gumble distributions. Contrary to the weibull model, the two parameter exponentiated weibull can fit unimodel, monotone, and risk functions. Exponentiated exponential may be utilized as an alternative to weibull distribution and, in certain situations, has a better fit than weibull due to its shape and scale parameters. Better fits may be obtained using the unimodel distributions 3 parameter exponentiated lognormal and 2 parameter exponentiated gumble. For lifetime data, the extended exponentiated exponential distribution gives more flexibility. Maximum likelihood estimation is utilized for parameter estimation. Statistics for goodness of fit are shown for a collection of data.
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TA Raja, S Maqbool and Fehim Jeelani. Comparing various exponentiated distributions through suitable illustration. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(8S): 1301-1304.

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