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Vol. 12, Special Issue 7 (2023)

Status and scope of organic farming for entrepreneurship development among rural youth of North East India

Popiha Bordoloi
Organic farming has emerged as a potential avenue for entrepreneurship development and employment generation among the rural youth in North East India. The North Eastern region, comprising of 8 states, is characterized by hilly terrain, heavy rainfall, rich biodiversity, and predominance of indigenous farming practices. Against this backdrop, organic farming aligned with traditional ecological knowledge presents a viable livelihood option. This review article examines the current status, growth trends, opportunities and challenges for organic agriculture in North Eastern states with a focus on entrepreneurship development among rural youth. Relevant literature was reviewed to provide a holistic perspective. The key aspects covered this paper include: (i) status of organic farming in North East India (ii) scope and potential, (iii) role in entrepreneurship development among rural youth, (iv) initiatives by government and other stakeholders (v) challenges and gaps and (vi) recommendations for accelerating growth. The review indicates that organic agriculture has strong roots in the traditional farming systems of the region. The sector has registered remarkable growth in recent years, aided by conducive agro climatic conditions, favourable policies and rising market demand. However, substantial potential remains untapped. Concerted efforts by government agencies and other stakeholders are needed to promote organic entrepreneurship among rural youth through proper training, financial support, market linkages and an enabling environment. Organic farming can provide sustainable livelihood options for rural communities and position North East as a hub of organic produce.
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Popiha Bordoloi. Status and scope of organic farming for entrepreneurship development among rural youth of North East India. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(7S): 2789-2793.
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