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Vol. 12, Special Issue 7 (2023)

Export performance of Goat/Sheep meat from India

Stephan Raj, Mahesh, Jainuddin SM and Gururaj
Goat/sheep farming is the most profitable enterprise in India due to its low maintenance cost and it provides better prices in the market than any other meat in India. Mainly the poor, uneducated and old age people are involved in Goat or sheep rearing and with zero input. The demand for goat/sheep meat is increases and now it became big business and many educated people are now involved in this enterprise. The goat and sheep together contributed almost 20 percent to total meat production in the country. The demand for goat/sheep meat increased in global market and India is one of the major exporters of goat/sheep meat. The country is the one of the largest exporter of goat/sheep meat to the world. The country has exported 9,592.31 MT of goat/sheep meat to the world for the worth of Rs. 537.18 Crores during the year 2022-23. In 1987-88 the percent share contribution of goat/sheep meat export from total agricultural export was 0.65 percent in quantities and 2.40 percent with respect to value. Whereas, in 2022-23 the export volume and value were drastically reduced and it contributed 0.02 and 0.24 percent respectively due to low production from 2016-17 onwards. Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Hilly regions of North-Eastern Himalayas are the major livestock contributor to the country and United Arab Emirates was the main destination for goat meat exports from India, with a 58 percent share of total exports. The CAGR was used to find the growth rate and it was found that 2.31 percent and 11.44 percent of growth with respect to quantity and value of export from the year 1987-88 to 2022-23. In the global market, the demand for goat/sheep meat is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years and it is the opportunity for Indian farmers to take Goat/sheep rearing and get better profit through these enterprises.
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Stephan Raj, Mahesh, Jainuddin SM and Gururaj. Export performance of Goat/Sheep meat from India. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(7S): 2049-2051.
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