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Vol. 12, Special Issue 7 (2023)

Transforming farmers lives: A case study of FPO in India

Vijaykumar Sonawane and SS Kalamkar
Major obstacles faced by the Indian farmers were the issue of fragmented land holdings. Due to the division of ancestral lands among family members over generations, farmers were left with small and uneconomical plots of land. This fragmented structure made it difficult for farmers to adopt efficient agricultural practices and hindered their ability to scale up production. FPO made substantial investments in modern storage facilities, processing units, and packaging centers. These initiatives proved instrumental in minimizing post-harvest losses. By pooling the production of multiple farmers and negotiating as a unified entity, the FPO is able to secure better prices and favorable terms from buyers. This collective approach empowers farmers to overcome the challenges posed by their individual small-scale operations and enables them to negotiate on an equal footing with buyers. As a result, farmers receive fairer remuneration for their efforts and are able to improve their incomes.
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Vijaykumar Sonawane and SS Kalamkar. Transforming farmers lives: A case study of FPO in India. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(7S): 1706-1708.

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