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Vol. 12, Special Issue 7 (2023)

Unleashing the potentials of high-throughput phenotyping for accelerating crop breeding

Alisha, Jogender, Anita Kumari and Renu Munjal
Biotic and abiotic stress are the major constrains resulting in crop yield reduction and economic losses. It is estimated that the human population will reach to 9 billion by 2050, and current food production must be doubled to meet the needs of the growing population. Therefore, it is the need of hour to increase crop productivity. Advancement in high-throughput phenotyping technologies has progressed significantly in the last decade. These technologies offer precise measurements of desired traits and strategies to screen large population of plants for a particular phenotype under diversified environments employing advanced robotics, high-tech sensors, imaging systems and computing power to unravel the genetic basis of complex traits associated with plant growth and development. Advanced bioinformatics tools further facilitate the analysis of large-scale multi-dimensional, high-resolution data collected through phenotyping from the gene to the whole-plant level under a specific environment and management practices. With the help of integrated approach of genotyping and phenotyping, gene functions and environmental responses can be understood as well. Moreover, it will also help in finding more relevant solutions for the major problem that tend to limit crop production. This review focuses on the recent advances in plant phenomics, various imaging techniques, highlights different field and confined high-throughput technologies for utilization in forward and reverse genetics.
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Alisha, Jogender, Anita Kumari and Renu Munjal. Unleashing the potentials of high-throughput phenotyping for accelerating crop breeding. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(7S): 736-744.

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