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Vol. 12, Special Issue 6 (2023)

Cropping pattern and package of practices followed by farmers of selected crops in Halvad, Vijapur and Bayad Taluka of Gujarat

Montu Bhatiya and Dr. Snehal Mishra
The present study was carried out with four objectives: to know about cropping pattern, package of practices, disposal pattern and problems of farmers in production and marketing of selected crops. Cumin was prominent in Halvad and Potato was prominent in Vijapur and Bayad. The primary data were collected from thirty-five farmers form each region. The primary survey was carried out with the help of a Semi-structured Schedule. The study highlights diversified cropping pattern in these regions. Cotton-Mustard-Cluster bean and Groundnut-Cumin-Sesame were major cropping patterns for Halvad. The most common cropping pattern in Vijapur was Groundnut-Potato and Groundnut-Potato-Sorghum. Bayad farmers were mainly grown Groundnut-Potato, Groundnut-Potato-Bajra and Cotton-Bajra. These patterns, influenced by climate, soil and market factors, demonstrate farmers' strategic decision-making based on their specific circumstances. While farmers generally followed recommended practices for sowing time, method and irrigation, variations were observed in FYM application, seed rate and spacing. Farmers mostly prefer a local agent for sell their produce because of ease of business and relation with the agents. Informal contracts were common for securing predetermined prices for potatoes. Challenges faced by cumin farmers in Halvad included diseases like blight and wilt, high input prices, climate and insects. Potato farmers in Vijapur encountered problems of diseases like scab, high input costs, less knowledge of practices, storage and transportation. Diseases were most and common challenges across both regions. This study provides insight into farming practices in all three regions and may be used to increase productivity by focussing on particular methods.
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Montu Bhatiya and Dr. Snehal Mishra. Cropping pattern and package of practices followed by farmers of selected crops in Halvad, Vijapur and Bayad Taluka of Gujarat. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(6S): 117-122.
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