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Vol. 12, Special Issue 6 (2023)

Prospects and challenges of bio fertilisers in Gujarat

SD Bavarva and Shakti Ranjan Panigrahy
India's increasing population and limited resources have put pressure on the country to enhance food production. Excessive use of chemical fertilisers not only leads to the deterioration of natural resources but also opens the possibility of utilizing biological and renewable alternatives. Biofertilisers offer a sustainable solution by efficiently fixing nitrogen in the soil, reducing cultivation costs, and benefiting both producers and the environment. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria have extensively used in biofertiliser products, with the Asia-Pacific region, particularly China and India, dominating the global biofertiliser market. In India, there are 532 biofertiliser manufacturing units, with Gujarat being the fifth-largest user of biofertilisers. However, challenges such as lack of knowledge, unavailability, poor accessibility, and low adoption rates hinder the growth and widespread use of biofertilisers. This research paper focused on the prospects and challenges of biofertiliser application in Gujarat. The first part was based on secondary research, while the second part involves primary research conducted in the Morbi district of Gujarat. A total 180 farmers were interviewed through a semi-structured schedule. The collected data was analyzed Garrett ranking techniques for revealing constraints of producers in biofertiliser usage. The imbalanced and excessive use of chemical fertilisers in Gujarat has negatively impacted soil health and ecological balance. Although Gujarat leads in carrier-based and liquid biofertiliser production, it was limited to a few organizations. This leads to an opportunity to develop and expand biofertiliser production and usage in the state. Challenges persist in biofertiliser applications, including delayed effects, poor results and short shelf life. Addressing these challenges was crucial for the successful implementation of biofertilisers, ensuring sustainable and effective agricultural practices in Gujarat.
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SD Bavarva and Shakti Ranjan Panigrahy. Prospects and challenges of bio fertilisers in Gujarat. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(6S): 85-88.

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