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Vol. 12, Special Issue 6 (2023)

Splenectomy in a female German shepherd dog

R Anoop, A Rekha and U Parvathy
Splenic haematoma is a benign mass of clotted blood on the spleen. This is a case report on the most common benign splenic mass in canines, but a rarely diagnosed, evaluated and surgically intervened condition, canine splenic haematoma. The article discuss about the first reported case of splenic haematoma in a 9yr old female German Shepherd dog from Kerala, Multispeciality Veterinary Hospital, Kudappanakunnu, which has undergone total splenectomy. The animal was presented to the clinic with the history of left limb lameness and mild exercise intolerance. The animal was active and its physiological parameters were normal. No abnormalities could be detected on orthopaedic examination. But abdominal palpation revealed a large painful mass on left side. Lateral abdominal radiograph shown dorsal displacement of intestinal mass by a soft tissue structure. Ultrasonographic examination revealed regions of hypoechogenicity around liver and spleen. Based on history, clinical examination and diagnostic imaging, decided to conduct explorative laparotomy. Identified a round, about to rupture mass on spleen and total splenectomy, which was the only option to save the patient was performed under general anaesthesia. Macroscopic examination showed blood clots within the splenic mass and on histopathologic examination focal extensive areas containing packed RBC in the splenic parenchyma suggestive of splenic haematoma was found. Haematological evalutaions were carried out on alternate day of surgery. On fifth post-operative day all the blood parameters fall within the normal range and the animal had an uneventful recovery. The case stimulates the decision to conduct splenectomy in dogs as a life saving procedure.
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R Anoop, A Rekha and U Parvathy. Splenectomy in a female German shepherd dog. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(6S): 81-84.
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