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Vol. 12, Special Issue 12 (2023)

Training needs of sugarcane growers in Sindhudurg district

Desai AV, Mandavkar PM, Kharge AP, Malve DB and Dangore AP
The present study explored Training needs of sugarcane growers in Sindhudurg district. Sindhudurg district were purposively selected from Konkan region of Maharashtra state on the basis of maximum area under cultivation. Two talukas viz., Vaibhavwadi and Kankavli from Sindhudurg district were selected purposively based on maximum area under sugarcane cultivation and five villages from each taluka were selected. From each village twelve respondents were selected randomly. The constituting total sample size is 120. The Ex-post-facto research design was used for the study. A properly organized questionnaire designed for study was used for collecting the data from respondents through personal interview method. The data collections from the respondents were edited tabulated and analyzed using suitable statistical tools like frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, chi-square and Kendall’s coefficient of concordance. The study was noticed that, the profile characteristics of farmers concluded from the present study that majority areas of training reported by the respondents were fertilizers management ranking Ist as the mean score was highest (2.68) followed by soil fertility management IInd (2.43), preparatory operations IIIrd (2.42) and weed management IVth (2.35). The other important areas of training mentioned by the respondents were harvesting techniques Vth (1.79), selection of variety VIth (1.77) and irrigation method VIIth (1.69). Least expressed training areas were disease and pest control VIIIth (1.60), planting method Xth (1.59), planting time Xth (1.41) and selection of land for sugarcane XIth (1.40).
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Desai AV, Mandavkar PM, Kharge AP, Malve DB and Dangore AP. Training needs of sugarcane growers in Sindhudurg district. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(12S): 1535-1538.
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