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Vol. 12, Special Issue 12 (2023)

Therapeutic management of anaplasmosis in a dairy cow

E Madhesh, RC Sundararajan, V Vijayanand, NV Rajesh, S Harigopal and RB Vishnurahav
A five-year-old crossbred Jersey cow was brought to Veterinary clinical complex, Tirunelveli with a history of anorexia, dullness, shivering, respiratory distress, severe tick infestation, decreased milk production for past three days. Upon clinical examination, the cow had a frothy salivation, emaciation, enlarged prescapular lymph nodes, scapular pulsation, abdominal aorta thudding, icteric conjunctival mucous membrane, pale and icteric vaginal mucous membrane. Vital signs like rectal temperature, heart rate and respiratory rates were found to be 39.8 ℃, 112 beats per minute and 52 breath per minute respectively. On hematological examination, hemoglobin, PCV and total erythrocyte count were found to be very low i.e., 2.4 g/dl, 7.2% and 1.34x106/µl respectively. Serum biochemistry revealed increased levels of AST, ALP, total bilirubin, direct bilirubin and decreased levels of total protein and albumin. Examination of a peripheral blood smear revealed the existence of Anaplasma sp. in the erythrocytes. The animal was treated with a dose of long acting oxytetracycline injection along with supportive treatment. Clinical improvement was noticed after five days of therapy. The cow had an unremarkable recovery.
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E Madhesh, RC Sundararajan, V Vijayanand, NV Rajesh, S Harigopal and RB Vishnurahav. Therapeutic management of anaplasmosis in a dairy cow. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(12S): 606-608.
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