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Vol. 12, Special Issue 12 (2023)

Evaluation of insecticides and bio-pesticides against coriander aphid

Aakash Verma, Archana Kerketta, RKS Tomar, AK Awasthi, SK Verma and NK Chaure
The present investigation entitled Studies on insect pests of coriander with special reference to seasonal incidence and management of Aphid, Hyadaphis coriandri (Das) was conducted in the Horticultural research farm of Barrister Thakur Chhedilal College of Agriculture and Research Station, Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh), during Rabi season in 2022 -2023.
The mean on number of aphids/umbels/plants recorded after first and second spray showed that average aphids survival population per plant ranging from 2.00 to 7.03, compared to 11.95 in the untreated control. In chemical and biopesticides check treatment, Thiacloprid 21.7% SC recorded the lowest thrips (2.00 aphids/ umbels/plant) and was shown to be substantially superior to all other treatments. Spinetoram 11.7% SC (2.76 aphids/ umbels/plant) was the second-best treatment, followed by Dinotefuran 20% SG (3.17 aphids/ umbels/plant) and Imidacloprid 17.8% SL (3.32 aphids/ umbels/plant). The next best treatment was Lecanicillium lecanii 10% (1×109 CFU/ml) (6.28 aphids/ umbels/plant) followed by Metarhizium anisopliae 10% (1×109 CFU/ml) (6.87 aphids/ umbels/plant) and Beauveria bassiana 10% (1×109 CFU/ml) (7.03 aphids/umbels/plant) were effective in lowering aphids’ population and substantially superior to the untreated control (11.95 aphids/umbels/plant).
The cost benefit ratio of different insecticidal treatments applied for the management of aphids has been worked out. The highest cost benefit ratio was found in treatment T1- Imidacloprid 17.8% SL (1:5.85) followed by T2- Thiacloprid 21.7% SC (1:5.61) and T3- Dinotefuran 20% SG (1:11).
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Aakash Verma, Archana Kerketta, RKS Tomar, AK Awasthi, SK Verma and NK Chaure. Evaluation of insecticides and bio-pesticides against coriander aphid. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(12S): 271-276.
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