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Vol. 12, Special Issue 11 (2023)

A study on moringa production and marketing in the southern region of Tamil Nadu

Samsai T
Moringa oleifera is an important food that attracts attention as the "natural nutrition of the tropics". Almost all parts of the plant: roots, bark, gums, leaves, fruits (pods), flowers, seeds and seed oil are used in many South Asian traditional medicines. India is the largest producer of Moringa with an area of ​​43,600 hectares and an annual production of 2.6 million tonnes of fruits, producing approximately 63 tonnes per hectare. Tamil Nadu leads in area and production, followed by Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Tamil Nadu covers an area of ​​20,684 hectares. Among these areas, Dindigul has an area of ​​5538 hectares followed by Theni (2951 hectares). The specific objectives of this study include the production and marketing of Moringa. A list of Moringa farmers was selected, including 120 farmers from Dindigul and Theni districts. Farmers were interviewed through a previously developed and tested survey. Likewise, 30 traders were selected from the study area and interviews were conducted. Farmers reported an average annual return of Rs. 1, 95,000 per acre/year, net return was Rs. 1,31,000 per acre per year for cultivation of perennial Moringa and Total gross income per acre/year was Rs 2 Lakh and the annual net income per acre was Rs 1.19 million from annual moringa cultivation. Of the two marketing channels identified, the producer's share in consumer rupee was highest in channel II (61%) and lowest in channel I (53%). Channel II has the best marketing efficiency followed by Channel I.
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Samsai T. A study on moringa production and marketing in the southern region of Tamil Nadu. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(11S): 1947-1952.
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