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Vol. 12, Special Issue 11 (2023)

Analysing agricultural practices in the Rupnagar district of Punjab, India: A comparative study

Guntaash Singh Brar, Ankit Kumar and Gurshaminder Singh
Nearly half of India's work force is employed in agriculture, which accounts for 20.2% of the country's GDP and makes a significant economic contribution. This research focuses on the distinct farming methods used in the Rupnagar District of Punjab, also referred to as the "Granary of India." We explore the complex connection that determines the future of agriculture in the region between agronomic practices and crop productivity.150 farmers are interviewed over a period of six different villages in this study with the goal of understanding their farming practices and their socioeconomic status. The results show that wheat and paddy are widely farmed, with sugarcane, maize, barseem, and sorghum enhancing the variety of crops. Problems like uneven fertilizer application and weed resistance highlight the necessity of precise treatments. Seed treatment preferences are impacted by knowledge and resources, with 79.3% preferring hybrid seeds. The overuse of urea and DAP in fertilizer methods indicates the need for balanced fertilization techniques. The importance of tube wells for irrigation is highlighted, underscoring the necessity of sustainable water management. The Wheat-Paddy paradigm dominates crop patterns, which presents problems including insect infestation and weed resistance. While rice varieties that prioritize grain quality continue to be harvested manually, the harvesting of cereal crops is streamlined by combine harvesters. In order to conserve water, the study's conclusions advocate for crop diversity, direct-seeded rice techniques, increased knowledge of soil testing, and balanced fertilizer use. For the agricultural community of Rupnagar, this change holds potential for greater production, resilience, and financial well-being while combining innovation and tradition for a sustainable future.
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Guntaash Singh Brar, Ankit Kumar and Gurshaminder Singh. Analysing agricultural practices in the Rupnagar district of Punjab, India: A comparative study. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(11S): 1884-1888.
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