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Vol. 12, Special Issue 11 (2023)

Extensional approaches for enhancing the livestock productivity in the rural areas

Rajalakshmi M, Rao SVN and Natchimuthu K
The productivity of livestock could be enhanced by providing effective Extension Advisory Services (EAS) with a focus on capacity building of farmers involved in livestock rearing.
Different extension approaches are required to address varied needs of the livestock owners in rural areas. The poultry rearers were trained in rearing of improved backyard poultry (Swarnadhara) from day old to egg laying stage. Although this project (M.V.Sc) was completed in the year 2014, several farmers are purchasing chicks from Bengaluru till November, 2019 (16,220 chicks in 34 batches). This increased the production and consumption of eggs in the families who were rearing these birds. This experience helped the authors in building very good rapport in training the backyard poultry farmers under the CSSPF project. About 1006 farmers in 32 villages of Pondicherry were trained and many of them are purchasing day old chicks (Giriraja) from veterinary college Pondicherry. Based on earlier experiences training programmes are being organised to enhance the capacity of dairy farmers under NABARD funded project. The small ruminants and backyard poultry are mostly neglected by the vets as well as livestock owners, resulting in heavy losses to livestock owners. Regular deworming and vaccination campaigns are being organised in the villages during weekends with veterinary college student volunteers. The Narikkuravars (tribes), the most neglected families are regularly provided deworming and vaccination services for their goats and poultry.
The training programmes helped the livestock owners to enhance their capacity by adopting improved practices and also avail extension services which ultimately helped them in improving the production and reducing mortality in poultry and goats.
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Rajalakshmi M, Rao SVN and Natchimuthu K. Extensional approaches for enhancing the livestock productivity in the rural areas. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(11S): 1772-1776.

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