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Vol. 12, Special Issue 11 (2023)

Mother’s perceptions of physical and verbal aggression in pre-school children

Pooja Shanwal and Aarzoo Jangra
The present study was conducted to study the perception of mothers about childhood aggression. The study was conducted in Hisar city for urban study and Block-II of Hisar district for rural study. From Block-II, Kaimari and Mangali villages were selected as per the demand of the study. Sixty aggressive children in the age-group of 4-6 years were selected from various preschools of Hisar city and sixty from the selected villages. Thus, a total of 120 children were the sample size for the present study. Mothers of these aggressive children were also the respondents of this study. Thus 120 children, 60 from urban and 60 from rural in the age group of 4-6 years constituted the sample. When asked if the mother had noticed preschool children displaying behaviours like hitting, snatching, pushing and stubbornness; all urban and rural mothers unanimously replied in affirmative. They all, also, agreed to have noticed these behaviours in their children. Perception of the mother about the source of aggression i.e., where these behaviours come from or the child learnt from, the responses swing largely in the direction of family environment, surroundings, media, peers etc. were the probable sources of aggression in preschool children.
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Pooja Shanwal and Aarzoo Jangra. Mother’s perceptions of physical and verbal aggression in pre-school children. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(11S): 1689-1693.
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