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Vol. 12, Special Issue 11 (2023)

Transition stress and its amelioration in lactating animals

Anamika Pandey, Mayank Patel, Prem Kumar and Itrat Imam Warsi
The most crucial time period is known as the transition phase, which lasts from three weeks prior to calving to three weeks post, where animals are challenged to undergo many biochemical, metabolic, and endocrine adjustments. Within a few weeks, cows are submitted to many challenges (physiological, nutritional, psychological, and management) that require prompt and effective adaptive responses, or else they will enter transition stress. Transition stress in the form of increased oxidative stress. Around parturition, cows are immunosuppressed and their immune systems are dysregulated. Systemic inflammation and generation of negative energy balance (NEBAL) and ketone bodies through lipolysis play a significant role in early lactation and affect many liver functions (fatty liver disease), which is directly and indirectly associated with the impairment of cow performance i.e., reduced feed intake, milk yield, fertility, and health disorders like ketosis, milk fever, mastitis, metritis, LDA, retained placenta and udder oedema. Growth hormone coordinates nutrient partitioning in dairy cattle by increasing glucose synthesis in the liver and mobilizing lipids from adipose tissue. Through proper assessment and nutrient fulfilment, the transition stage can be managed in dairy cattle. Feeding higher energy diets supplemented with antioxidants and trace minerals and vitamins in the transition diets of high yielders can help to overcome the transition stress. In conclusion, transitional stress can have negative effects on the immune function of lactating animals, leading to increased susceptibility to diseases and infections. However, the use of dietary supplements and management practices can help ameliorate these effects, improving the health and productivity of lactating animals.
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Anamika Pandey, Mayank Patel, Prem Kumar and Itrat Imam Warsi. Transition stress and its amelioration in lactating animals. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(11S): 714-719.
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