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Vol. 12, Special Issue 11 (2023)

Design and development of cost-effective seawater filter

BA More, US Kadam, ST Patil, HN Bhange, NA Meshram and PM Ingle
The different approaches across the globe for purification/filtration of sea water were used. These approaches are based on either thermal multi stage flash, reverse osmosis technology. But they are too expensive. In present study three approaches were used for purification of sea water. This includes media filtration, chemical treatment, and biological methods. The individual media were studied Sand, Coco peat, Bricks, Sawdust, Sugarcane Residue, Sawdust, Ceramics, Roof Tile, Clay Pot, Chalk, Coconut shell Charcoal, Rice husk Charcoal, and Zeolite etc. The best performing media and their sequence is decided. The particle density of sand (1.18-2 mm), bricks (>3.35 mm), rice husk, rice husk charcoal, cocopeat, sugarcane residues, sawdust was found that 2043.13, 1861.42, 445.25, 598.90, 318.79, 3333.33,375.73 kg/m³ respectively, the bulk density was found that 1371.57, 812.75, 106.11, 105.16, 286.21, 51.59, 421.61 kg/m³ respectively and maximum water holding capacity was found that 29, 39.3,354.5,403.2, 737.2,783.8% respectively. The sequence of sea water filter media was arranged on the basis of performance of media. The physiochemical analysis was carried out. The seawater was analyzed before and after filtration.
Seawater passed through the designed seawater filter and result found that the average % reduction in EC was 41% and average% reduction in pH was found 17.62%. The seawater was passed from the designed filter and the time was recorded to reach the water at outlet. It was observed that on an average the flow rate of seawater filter was 8.73 lit/hr. The total cost of developed sea water filter was found to be Rs. 1629.
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BA More, US Kadam, ST Patil, HN Bhange, NA Meshram and PM Ingle. Design and development of cost-effective seawater filter. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(11S): 465-468.

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