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Vol. 12, Special Issue 10 (2023)

Impact of pulpwood tree cultivation on socio-economic status of pulpwood tree growers

Ravi G, Dr. R Jeya and D Balu
Apart from providing employment and improving the living standard of farmers; pulpwood industry ensures environment sustainability by recycling wood pulp of other products. This emphasizes the need to study the impact of pulpwood cultivation practices on socio-economic status of the pulpwood tree growers. In this regard, the present study was carried out among 200 pulpwood tree growers of Pudukottai and Villupuram districts who were registered under TNPL. With the help of a structured interview schedule, the data was gathered from the pulpwood tree growers through personal interview method. Based on the findings, it could be understood that 64.50 percent of pulpwood tree growers had medium level of impact of pulpwood tree cultivation on their socio-economic status. Further, it was recommended that Government and other voluntary organization should create awareness among the public and engage the farmers and other stakeholders to reclaim the degraded land with the help of agroforestry through suitable programmes and policies.
Pages: 2026-2030  |  71 Views  29 Downloads
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Ravi G, Dr. R Jeya and D Balu. Impact of pulpwood tree cultivation on socio-economic status of pulpwood tree growers. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(10S): 2026-2030.
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