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Vol. 12, Special Issue 10 (2023)

Economic analysis of marketing of grape in Nashik district of Maharashtra state

JP Chavan, VD Kapadnis and PP Shirsat
Grapes are best grown in all types of climates and soils where the Production of other deciduous fruits is restricted. It can be grown well in cold and dry climates in valleys in high elevations. The present study was on economic analysis of marketing of grape in Nashik district of Maharashtra State. A sample size of 60 farmers was selected using proportionate multistage sampling method. The data were elicited for the agriculture year 2018-19 through personal interview method. The total area under grape cultivation in world was 7449 (000 ha), production was 77.8 (mt) and productivity was 10.9 (in ton/ha) in 2018-19. Area under destined for the production of wine grapes, table grapes or dried grapes, in production. 57% of wine grape, 36% of table grape and 7% of dried grape and wine production 292 mhl, table grape-27.3mt, dried grape-1.3mt respectively. Unlike in India, 70% of the world grape production is used for wine making. The country has exported 246133.79 (In MT) of fresh grapes worth 233525.08 lakh during the year 2018-19.per quintal consumer's price was Rs. 12971.78 in channel-II and Rs. 3320.54 in channel-I The lowest consumer's price was observed in channel-I. The total marketing cost in that observed highest cost was 35.86 percent in channel-I followed by total marketing cost was 35.17 percent in channel-II. The higher market margin was Rs. 5303.67 (68.83%) in Channel-II and lowest market margin was Rs. 479.65 (64.14%) in channel-I. while the higher price spread was Rs. 7705.35 in the channel-II and lowest price spread was Rs. 747.81 in channel-I. It is concluded that, the channel-I price spread is lower Rs. 747.81 as compare to channel-II. Therefore it best channel of marketing as compare to channel-II.
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JP Chavan, VD Kapadnis and PP Shirsat. Economic analysis of marketing of grape in Nashik district of Maharashtra state. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(10S): 1701-1704.
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