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Vol. 12, Special Issue 10 (2023)

Assessing absorptive capacity of peri-urban agriculture in Kuttanad: A farming system based assessment

Pooja Krishna J, Jayalekshmi G and Shalini Pillai P
Rapid urbanization is one of the main reasons which worsened the effects of climate change, especially in the context of Kerala agriculture. It also led to the creation of peri-urban areas which is the transition zone between urban and rural areas. Hence, peri-urban agriculture is gaining importance in Kerala. Peri-urban agriculture is characterized by dynamic and synergistic interactions between urbanization and agricultural activities, making them pivotal for both food production and the related industries. However, one of the major concerns affecting the sustainability of peri-urban agriculture is climate change. One way to cope with the climate change is to build resilience among the communities. Identifying key areas that are most at risk is important in assessing the resilience of communities allowing for targeted interventions. With this objective, a study was conducted to assess the absorptive capacity of peri-urban agriculture in of Kerala. Data were collected through farmer interviews, focus group discussions, key informant interviews and discussion with extension personnel. Absorptive capacity was measured on the basis of five components, using 31 indicators. Sensitivity was the most significantly contributing factor to absorptive capacity of farming communities of Kuttanad. Absorptive capacity was found to be antagonistic with age of building and illness, while, food sufficiency, health check-up, better condition of roads, safety nets along with efficient interventions from local communities is pivotal in improving the absorptive capacity and thereby, climate resilience of farming communities. Sustained efforts and coordination between the local and scientific communities along with policy support is required for enhancing the climate resilience of Kuttanad.
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Pooja Krishna J, Jayalekshmi G and Shalini Pillai P. Assessing absorptive capacity of peri-urban agriculture in Kuttanad: A farming system based assessment. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(10S): 1368-1374.
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