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Vol. 12, Special Issue 10 (2023)

Adoption of drudgery reducer tools used for different farm and allied activities by rural women of Assam

Porna Sarmah, Nasima Farhana Ali and Dipshikha Hazarika
Women play an important role in agriculture and allied sector. The nature and extent of their involvement varies from states to states but regardless of these variations rural women’s livelihood identifies a 'triple burden' of work in terms of productive, reproductive and social spheres. The farm women perform grueling work in crop field as well as in homestead activities. This cause physical as well as mental exhaustion and other health problems. The foremost reasons of these problems are hoary techniques of performing work, unawareness about different drudgery reduction tools, incompatibility and attitudinal constrains such as instinctive conservatism and confrontation to change. Hence, the present study was carried out in 3(three) districts of Assam viz. Kokrajhar, Nalbari and Lakhimpur with the objective to study the adoption rate of selected drudgery reduction tools by farmwomen of Assam. Total sample of 120 respondents were randomly selected from 6 numbers of villages of the three districts. Personal interview method with a structured questionnaire was used to collect the data from the respondents. Frequency and percentage were used for analysis of the data. Findings revealed that majority of the agricultural and allied activities were perceived as difficult to perform by the farm women. Intervention programmes on drudgery reduction technologies for farm women conducted by different Krishi Vigyan Kendras of Assam were found to be effective which is indicative from the knowledge and adoption level of the farmwomen on technologies and some tools demands further up-gradation or modification.
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Porna Sarmah, Nasima Farhana Ali and Dipshikha Hazarika. Adoption of drudgery reducer tools used for different farm and allied activities by rural women of Assam. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(10S): 1202-1214.
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