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Vol. 12, Special Issue 10 (2023)

Effectiveness of DAESI programme in enhancing the knowledge of rural entrepreneur

Twinkle Handa
Rural entrepreneur/ Agri-input dealer is considered the gap filling element in the farming activities. In order to make an rural entrepreneur competent enough in terms of knowledge and skill so that they serve the farming community better by acting as ‘Para Extension Professionals’, “National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management” (MANAGE) had launched a individual financed One-year Diploma in Agricultural Extension Services for Input Dealers (DAESI) Programme during the year 2003 for the input dealers. In Chhattisgarh, under the flagship of Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidhayalaya Raipur, Directorate of Extension Services had initiated a yearly Diploma course which was started in the year 2017-18. This study is focused to access the effectiveness of DAESI programme in enhancing the knowledge of rural enterpreneur. The data was collected through a well prepared Questionnaire and need based online data methods and ex-post facto research design was used. The study reveals that majority of the respondents reported DAESI programme 2019-20 as ‘Moderate Effective’ followed by ‘Less Effective’ and ‘Highly Effective’. Further, it was observed that Overall satisfaction from diploma course was rated high in terms of effectiveness with diploma efficiency index of 85.2 percent. In the same manner, Subject specific knowledge acquired by the rural entrepreneur wherein majority of them had moderate increase in knowledge level in most of the aspects of knowledge. Moreover, majority of respondents were moderately benefited from DAESI programme 2019-20 in terms of increase in knowledge, gain in skills and enhancement in entrepreneurial ability whereas majority of them had slightly benefited in terms of initiation of new enterprise or diversification. It was also concluded that the major benefit perceived from DAESI programme was enhancement in entrepreneurial ability with overall index of 70.33 percent. This result reflects the areas which are majorly affected by diploma programme.
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Twinkle Handa. Effectiveness of DAESI programme in enhancing the knowledge of rural entrepreneur. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(10S): 997-1000.
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