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Vol. 12, Special Issue 10 (2023)

Research study on geothermal energy and earthquakes in India

Pratyush and Dr. JP Yadav
The most efficient domestic option for sustainable and renewable energy, as well as a replacement for additional sources of energy, particularly those made from coal and petroleum, is geothermal energy. Due to the small amount of greenhouse gases, it releases, this source of energy is environmentally friendly. Even though it isn't employed entirely because of issues like location and high costs, it will end up being the least expensive method of power generation in the future when these conventional fuels start to run out. Although the initial outlay is very high, the long-term savings and efficiency far outweigh that. It has cheap operating costs because it uses no fuel to generate electricity, saving 80% in comparison to fossil fuels. A theory that can effectively describe all earthquake occurrences worldwide as well as general geodynamics is put forth in this study. In essence, geothermal energy is what causes the plates to pause, strike, and tip over. Geothermal energy constitutes the main power; the plates are only working solids. The earth is shaken along the boundaries of plates by the ferocious flow and tremendous pressure of this power, which also causes intra-plate seismicity. It is suggested that by utilizing the excess geothermal energy, the severity and risk of approaching earthquakes can be significantly decreased in light of the findings from the currently operating geothermal power plant located near the Big Geysers in California, which have been documented by the California Energy Commission. The relationship between geothermal energy and earthquakes encourages people to believe that the earth's crust would be less trembling if we could somehow release this extra energy (0.01%).
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Pratyush and Dr. JP Yadav. Research study on geothermal energy and earthquakes in India. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(10S): 561-570.
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