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Vol. 12, Special Issue 10 (2023)

Assessment of chilli hybrids for higher yield

R Arunkumar, S Krishnakumar, Chelvi Ramessh, P Usharani and P Arul Arasu
Assessment of chilli hybrids (each one acre) at Melavalavu village (DFI) of Kottampatti block was selected. The soil is black alluvial soil. The plants are grown in irrigated conditions and planted at a spacing of 75 x 60 cm, The initial soil fertility status was 230: 12: 285 kg NPK/ha. The treatments viz., T1-Farmers hybrid (VNR 277 F1), T2-TNAU chilli Hybrid CO 1 and T3-Arka Harita were taken for this assessment trial. The height of the plant varied between 0.90 m (T2) to 1.25 m (T1). T1 only recorded higher than the mean value of 1.05m. Similarly T1 recorded higher spread of the plant (95 cm) followed by T2 (85 cm) and T3 82 (cm). T1 (Rs. 8.00/ kg) recorded the lowest value while T3 (Rs. 12/kg) recorded the highest marketable price per kg of green chilli. The net returns per hectare was higher in T2 (Rs. 2, 67,850/ha), followed by T3 (Rs. 2,62,900/ha) and lower in T1 (Rs. 1,62,000). The percent increase of T2 over the T1 was 20.24%. The benefit cost ratio was higher in T2 and T3 i.e 3.74 and 3.67 respectively.
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R Arunkumar, S Krishnakumar, Chelvi Ramessh, P Usharani and P Arul Arasu. Assessment of chilli hybrids for higher yield. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(10S): 504-506.
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