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Vol. 12, Special Issue 10 (2023)

Therapeutic management of clinical mastitis in Murrah buffaloe

RS Ghadge
Very few diseases are having has a multifactoral origin one of them is Mastitis. Inspite the species of animals. ABST has a high significance in the diagnosis of mastitis and in deciding the line of treatment for the Acute type of mastitis. Early Infusions help for early recovery from subsiding infections. Instead of routine specific and supportive treatment herbal and homeopathic treatment had a great significance in improving the quality of milk in subacute mastitis. Most of the teat canals under study were already open several months before calving may produce mastitis.
The multivitamins and Macro and micro minerals help in the healing and reparing of damaged soft alveolar tissue of the udder and neutralize the infection. The SCC decreases after continuous proper antibiotic treatment. Laboratory findings and Clinical parameters like palpation and Percussion of the udder also manage mental practices to help in early recovery and minimizing the udder infection in Murrah buffaloe. Once mastitis is diagnosed, the main challenge for the veterinarian or the producer is to treat the animals in such a way that it will not deteriorate and become an economic burden to the production system. Several therapeutic strategies like antibiotics, bacteriocins, homeopathy drug, herbal therapy, Immunotherapy is an alternative, immunologically-based treatment for mastitis, and silver nanoparticle technology have been evaluated for efficacy in treating mastitis.
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RS Ghadge. Therapeutic management of clinical mastitis in Murrah buffaloe. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(10S): 205-207.
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