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Vol. 12, Special Issue 10 (2023)

Impact of insects (YSB, BPH, RLF) in rice crop yield in Raipur district of Chhattisgarh

Sandeep Kumar, Dr. ML Lakhera, Muskan Tamrakar and Dilesh Ray
Rice (Oryza sativa) is one the major food crop of India. Rice yield losses due to moderate to severe pest infestations in an attempt has been made to measure the population dynamics and weather parameter influencing the occurrence of YSB, BPH and RLF. Weather conditions parameters viz, maximum temperature, minimum temperature, rainfall, relative humidity (RH-1 and RH-2) remain the major weather elements defining the insect pest occurrence. Theoretical discrete distribution viz, Negative binomial distribution, Polya-Aeppli distribution, Generalized Poisson distribution be situated best fitted for all insect count data. Out of all-weather parameters under study, the correlation between YSB and rainfall was found negatively significant. We can finish that as the rainfall escalations the population of YSB decreases. The temperature, minimum and maximum, does not show such type of importance for the presence of YSB. Similar conclusion approximately rainfall and BPH can also draw as the correlation between these two variables was found negative maximum times. All the weather parameter plays significant role in case of YSB. Negative Binomial Distribution has been best fitted for YSB. The value of goodness of fittest in case of Negative Binomial distribution for YSB was found (18.04), BPH (8.02), RLF (5.89), in case of Polya-Aeppli distribution the value of Chi-square be situated YSB, BPH, RLF separately, (6.57, 0.52, 1.90), in case of Generalized Poisson Distribution value of chi-square test of goodness of fit for YSB, BPH, RLF separately (3.56, 18.54, 6.57). The correlation coefficient of all-weather parameter shows the positive relationship in case of YSB, and BPH, RLF.Weather parameter viz., maximum temperature, minimum temperature, rainfall, morning relative humidity, evening relative humidity are the major weather elements determining the insect Pests occurrence. Insect viz., (Yellow stem borer, Brown plant borer, Rice leaf folder). Yellow stem borer is major insect pest always causing damage to the rice crop resulting in considerable yield losses.
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Sandeep Kumar, Dr. ML Lakhera, Muskan Tamrakar and Dilesh Ray. Impact of insects (YSB, BPH, RLF) in rice crop yield in Raipur district of Chhattisgarh. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(10S): 19-24.
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