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Vol. 11, Special Issue 7 (2022)

An overview on the importance of vegan diet

Sakshi Kasodhan, Shivam Singh, Pious Siaw and Freda Eshun
The prevalence of conserved diets like DASH (Dietary approach to stop hypertension) diet, Mediterranean diet, and mainly vegan diet, is highly on the increase in developed countries. Veganism has gained recognition as a healthy and capable therapeutic dietary choice. Even the more restrictive vegan diet, with its exclusion of meat, fish, dairy and eggs, is gaining more and more demands, mostly amongst adult people. The different intake studies show that key elements of a well-planned vegan diet are: providing adequate energy, covering quantitative protein needs, consuming vegetable and fruit, consuming iodine, mandatory supplementation with B12 vitamin complex, covering other macro- and micronutrient needs with an appropriate variety of food items, and supplementing for specific needs. However, for most vegans there is little to no tolerance in regard to foods, probably because it is comparatively easy to completely avoid animal products altogether in this area, and labels and legislation clearly define what foods can be considered vegan without any exceptions. Vegans are healthier, have lower serum cholesterol and blood pressure, and enjoy a lesser risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). BMD (Bone mineral density) and the risk of bone fracture may be a concern when there is not a proper intake of calcium and vitamin D. Vegan diets mee the recommended intakes for essential nutrients as well as maximize the intake of protective components present in plant foods. Typically, vegans can avoid nutritional problems if required food choices are made. A strength of this review is the attempt to include all relevant literature on those nutrients and health outcomes that were chosen to be closer examined, leading to a currently unprecedented accumulation of evidence in these areas.
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Sakshi Kasodhan, Shivam Singh, Pious Siaw and Freda Eshun. An overview on the importance of vegan diet. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(7S): 255-261.

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