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Vol. 11, Special Issue 7 (2022)

Wastewater reuse for irrigation of a vegetable crops and its impacts

Basanti Brar, Sonu, Naveen and Dr. Jagveer Rawat
Globally water scarcity is one of the foremost problems and millions of individuals have no access to clean water. It has been estimated that due to climate change two-thirds of the man kinds will face water shortage by 2025 and worldwide food demands increase at least by 50% to feed the growing population by 2050. To meet this demands wastewater is most commonly used for agriculture sectors, is one of the globally serious environmental and public health concerns. Use of untreated wastewater in irrigation of food and vegetable crops is main reason of soil pollution with heavy metals, excess salts and pathogens. Globally more than 10% of the population consumes food and vegetables irrigated from wastewater; hence pathogens are transmitted through food chains cause’s diseases mainly in women and children. Instead of using untreated wastewater in irrigation, use of treated wastewater has been found more suitable and environment friendly option. The efficiency of different irrigation systems in limiting the risks of wastewater reuse. In this paper, we explore the situations of water scarcity, irrigation with the wastewater use in vegetable production and their possible impacts on environment, human, soil health etc. Here we highlight that irrigation with wastewater provides an actual perspectives for recovery of wastewater, serving to decrease the scarcity and preserve water resources with enhancing food security. With the food security, food safety is one the most important aspect and it should be maintained if we must properly treated the waste water before use in vegetable as well as in other food production irrigation that limits the risks on environment and human health.
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Basanti Brar, Sonu, Naveen and Dr. Jagveer Rawat. Wastewater reuse for irrigation of a vegetable crops and its impacts. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(7S): 111-117.

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