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Vol. 11, Special Issue 7 (2022)

Sulphur fractionation in different soils: A review

Bitra Yasasvi, Pallerla Vishnu, YR Hari Sudheer Reddy, Bagathi Ganesh and Meraj Ahmed
Sulphur is an important nutrient that is required for better growth, protein synthesis, nutrient uptake, and oil formation in pants and its economic produce. The amount of sulphur availability in the soil is different in various soil types from acidic to alkaline, Red to laterite soils. S is a source received by the plants from Organic manure and Chemical fertilizers When applied to the soil mineralization process takes place which converts Organic form (96%) of S to inorganic form which is suitable for plant uptake in this process the conversion of elemental sulphur results in the formation of Sulphate fractions which are mostly uptake by plants. Hence knowledge about the fractionation of S in the soil is important to know how much quantity of fertilizers need to be added for better growth of the plant and also combined use of Organic + inorganic (mainly S related)amendments may be helpful in better increment in the fractionation of S. Extraction of S fractions from the soil is mainly estimated by the independent method and Sequence extraction method of the Sequence extraction method is a most cost-effective and time-consuming process that can estimate water-soluble, available, organic, inorganic and sulphate S except Residual Sulphur.
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Bitra Yasasvi, Pallerla Vishnu, YR Hari Sudheer Reddy, Bagathi Ganesh and Meraj Ahmed. Sulphur fractionation in different soils: A review. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(7S): 86-90.
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