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Vol. 11, Special Issue 6 (2022)

To assess the sensory appraisal of alcoholic whey beverage

Choudhari DM and JN Khedkar
In India, the major source of whey is from production of Channa, paneer and Chakka. During the process about 10-20 percent portion of milk is recovered as the desired product and remaining 80-90 per cent liquid portion is the whey. The samples of alcoholic whey beverage of all the six treatments (W1S1, W1S2-, W2­S1, W2S2, W3S1, W3S2) were acceptable with varying degree as evidenced by the sensory scores. Exceptionally, non-significant effect due to whey system and form of culture and interaction thereof was noticed. It is to note that, the channa whey with mixed culture (W3S2) produced organoleptically superior product. This was followed by W1S2, W3S1, W2S2, W1S1, and W2S1 in descending order. In general, samples appeared pleasant, attractive, transparent, whitish yellow in colour with pleasant aroma, mild astringency and slight sweet and sour in taste. In viewing of all the sensory attributes taken together, the sample of alcoholic whey beverage i.e. W3S2- (channa whey + mixed culture) was found to be best and most acceptable as evidenced with highest scores based on 9 point Hedonic scale, this sample ranked at the top and rated “liked moderately” to “liked very much”.
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Choudhari DM and JN Khedkar. To assess the sensory appraisal of alcoholic whey beverage. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(6S): 1754-1757.

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