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Vol. 11, Special Issue 6 (2022)

Fruit by-product, significance and their utilization: A review

Muhammad Muhsin, Jashanveer Kaur and Anjan Borah
Fruit by-product is a component of the fruit that can't be eaten because of its unpleasant taste. As a result, researchers and food manufacturers face a significant problem in transforming fruit by-product, which includes a wealth of important bioactive components, into an alternative food source. Recovery of health-beneficial bioactive compounds from fruit wastes is currently a study topic, not only to assist reduce waste, but also to meet the high demand from the public for phenolic compounds, which are thought to have anti-cancer properties. Although the nutritional and techno-functional characteristics of valuable compounds isolated from tropical fruits have been assessed, marketability and customer acceptance are also being investigated, because biorefining is based not only on the process itself, but also on the economic benefits of the final product. This review article provides a brief idea on the importance of fruit byproducts and their utilization with a detailed analysis and utilization of the by-products of some selected fruits.
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Muhammad Muhsin, Jashanveer Kaur and Anjan Borah. Fruit by-product, significance and their utilization: A review. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(6S): 948-957.

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