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Vol. 11, Special Issue 6 (2022)

Development and standardization of prebiotic nutribar

Sucharitha S, Ramu I, Akshay M and Prashanthi M
The food we eat plays an important role in balance of gut micorbiota and keeping the body in good health. The present study was carried out at College of Food Science and Technology, Rudrur, Nizamabad Dist, Telangana, with the main objective to develop a nutribar with prebiotic properties of ingredients. The availability of nutrient rich prebiotic snack foods are less in market, and the bars are finger food which is a preferred snack food by all irrespective of the age and gender. List of foods with prebiotic properties was prepared based on the information available in the secondary sources and flax seeds, ragi, oats, almonds were selected as core ingredients and studied for prebiotic properties, further used for the preparation of prebiotic nutribar. Different formulations of nutribars were prepared and based on the organoleptic evaluation scores by nine-point hedonic rating scale, the final composition with flax seeds 20 g, ragi 10 g, oats 10 g, jaggery 30 g, olive oil 10 g, almonds 10 g and coconut powder 10 g was standardized. The nutritional profiling of the final developed prebiotic nutribar composed with moisture of 8.0±0.5%, carbohydrates of 55.01±3.25%, fiber of 7.65±2.3%, protein 18.5±1.25%, fat 14±0.2%, and ash 5.2±0.9%. Iron and calcium content was estimated as 16 mg/100 g and 26 mg/100 g respectively. This study indicates the prospects for development of prebiotic nutribars with enhanced nutritional quality and sensory attributes. The developed product is not only good source of prebiotics, but also a good source of other nutrients protein, iron and calcium, which will be maintained the gut micorbiota of human beings.
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Sucharitha S, Ramu I, Akshay M and Prashanthi M. Development and standardization of prebiotic nutribar. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(6S): 1179-1183.

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