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Vol. 11, Special Issue 6 (2022)

Assessment of stress coping strategies among garage workers of Uttarakhand

Alka Chandrakanta and Deepa Vinay
Stress is some form of transition that induces physical, mental, or psychological tension. The strain is the reaction of the body to something that needs attention or action. Garage employees are subjected to various workplace threats such as accidents, environmental, physical, and biological threats, each potentially harmful to a variety of target organs. This research was undertaken to determine the techniques for coping with stress among garage employees. A sample of 75 garage employees was taken from 3 districts of Uttarakhand (Udham Singh Nagar, Nainital, and Almora). The non-probability purposive sampling method was used for the preparation of the sample. The data was obtained using a questionnaire. The most important stress management methods preferred by garage employees to alleviate stress were employees who consume tobacco (73.33%), 57.33 percent those who consume cigarettes/bidi, and 60 percent of workers who consume alcohol. In conclusion, certain levels of stress can be healthy, since the right kind of stress helps them to adapt and evolve. However, when garage workers are unable to deal with pressures, become a burden. Job satisfaction, inspiration, gratitude, rewards, and collaboration on the part of coworkers and supervisors are recommended as tactics that can minimize tension among garage employees.
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Alka Chandrakanta and Deepa Vinay. Assessment of stress coping strategies among garage workers of Uttarakhand. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(6S): 900-903.

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