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Vol. 11, Special Issue 6 (2022)

A study on income generation pattern of loom weavers in Bhagalpur district of Bihar

Divyanshi, Dr. Sanjay Kumar and Vikas Singh
The existence and development of loom industry plays a significant role in the economic condition of the weavers. The development of loom industry depends on socio-economic development of loom weavers in India. Even though weavers form an integral part of the Indian loom industry, there is not enough recognition of their contribution to the sector. Most weavers are illiterate or semiliterate due to poor economic conditions which casts doubt on their social security and future aspirations. The study income generating patterns have been very important as it shown the impact on the livelihood of individuals, groups and communities. At present the economic conditions of the handloom weavers are very pathetic and these situations are pushing the weavers into poverty and depressed living conditions. The living expenditure has increased, but the income levels have not increased; It is an unorganized sector and the weavers have no bargaining capacity and channels. There is a huge imbalance in income, expenditure and saving conditions of weavers are deplorable. This study has been made to see the income generating patterns which is existing among the weaving society of Bhagalpur district on which their future is based.
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Divyanshi, Dr. Sanjay Kumar and Vikas Singh. A study on income generation pattern of loom weavers in Bhagalpur district of Bihar. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(6S): 594-599.

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