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Vol. 11, Special Issue 6 (2022)

Successful melatonin therapy in a rare case of post clipping alopecia in golden retriever dog

Desh Deepak, VK Varun and MV Jithin
The present article reports a rare case of post-clipping alopecia (PCA) in 3 year old golden retriever bitch presented to the Department of Veterinary Clinical Complex, COVAS, SVPUAT, Meerut. The case was presented with failure of hair growth for the last twelve months after clipping by the owner to ease the summer stress. Biochemical analysis reveals normal organ function and endocrine function (thyroid function) but there was no response to any dermatological treatment. Bitch was normally appetent, thirsty, and active. Clinical examination reveals normal physiological parameters, and skin scrapping was negative for any mite infestations. There was no evidence of flea dirt on combing and the case had been unresponsive to corticosteroid and fipronil therapy. Based on the history of failure of hair growth after clipping, normal thyroid function test, the disease was tentatively diagnosed as post clipping alopecia. Initially, the therapy was tried with levothyroxine for one month but no improvement was noticed then the case was tried with melatonin. After one month of melatonin administration, appreciable improvement become evident and after two months, alopecia was completely resolved. Hematology and biochemical profile were normal during the administration of melatonin and the drug was well tolerated by bitch.
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Desh Deepak, VK Varun and MV Jithin. Successful melatonin therapy in a rare case of post clipping alopecia in golden retriever dog. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(6S): 522-525.

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