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Vol. 11, Special Issue 6 (2022)

Assessment of musculoskeletal disorders among computer users

Sasmita Dandasena, Shishir Kala and Aelena Takhellambam
Introduction: Now a days a large number of population was using computer for their daily activities, which leads to increase in the number of users complaining about various musculoskeletal problems.
Objective: To study the socio-economic profile and Musculoskeletal problems and other health related problems of computer users.
Materials and Methods: A pre structured questionnaire was prepared to collect all the information of computer users working in DRPCAU campus.
Results: Majority of respondents (60%) were working on their computer for 5-6 hours for performing their official work. All the computer users (100%) had taken break from the computer work as they had felt tired after working for a long time. Computer users (86.67%) felt persistent pain in their neck; Persistent pain in upper and lower legs was felt by respondents (36.67%), a large number of the respondents (83.33) had aching in their eyes and (36.67%) had suffered persistent pain in their head.
Conclusion: Musculoskeletal Problems are common in case of computer users as they performed for prolonged hours. It can be prevented by adopting proper ergonomic parameters and proper working postures.
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Sasmita Dandasena, Shishir Kala and Aelena Takhellambam. Assessment of musculoskeletal disorders among computer users. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(6S): 13-16.

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