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Vol. 11, Special Issue 5 (2022)

Assessment of knowledge levels COVID-19 vaccinations

Dr. T Kamalaja, R Arunjyothi, N Sushma, G Sai Bhavani, Dr. Swetha Kodali and Dr. R Neela Rani
Understanding the perception and concerns of people about COVID-19 vaccine in developing country like India will help in understanding demand for the vaccine and further tailoring out public health information and education activities. The study was carried out to assess the present state of knowledge people have about the probable vaccine for COVID-19, to know the preferences of subjects about this vaccine and to learn the expectations and apprehensions of people about features of this prospective COVID-19 vaccine exist in the capital city of India. The online based survey was conducted for three weeks. A bilingual, semi-structured questionnaire was set up using google forms and generated link, shared on social media (i.e., Gmail and WhatsApp). Data were collected on sociodemographic variable, vaccine acceptance, knowledge and perception regarding COVID-19 vaccine. Among the study population 30 subjects, among the study population, 83.33% got vaccinated while 16.66% said they were not going to take the vaccine. The following study has helped to understand the percentage of people who had knowledge, attitude and perception about vaccine.
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Dr. T Kamalaja, R Arunjyothi, N Sushma, G Sai Bhavani, Dr. Swetha Kodali and Dr. R Neela Rani. Assessment of knowledge levels COVID-19 vaccinations. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(5S): 1774-1782.

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