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Vol. 11, Special Issue 5 (2022)

Effect of neem leaf powder on body weight of broilers

Manish Meshram, UK Shukla, Rameshwar Patile and Mohit Bhardwaj
The experiment was conducted at the Livestock production and management unit, MGCGV Chitrakoot- Satna (M.P.) To complete the research work following steps where followed Day old 75 broiler chicks (DOC) of same hatch where produced and reared in deep litter system the chicks were weighed, leg banded and distributed randomly into 5 groups of 15 chicks each as treatment. Chicks of each treatment where further divided into three sub groups of 5 chicks in each in randomized block design (RBD). Chicks of each its sub groups where accommodated comfortable in cage system providing 1 sq. ft/chick. Chicks wear fed standard starter ration up to 1-2 weeks (1-14 days) and then broiler finisher ration up to 3-4 weeks (15-28 days). At T0 T1, T2, T3 and T4 which were supplemented with neem leaves @ 2.0 g 4.0g 6.0g and 8.0g /kg of broiler ration respectively. Weekly observation were recorded for live body weight, weekly gain in weight, weekly feed consumption and feed conversion of chicks for four weeks. Based on the results of the experiment, it may be concluded that feed supplementation with Neem leaf powder significantly influenced the body weight, gain in body weight, feed intake and feed efficiency of broiler chicks. Based on feed intake and feed efficiency, the best performance of broilers was obtained with feed supplementation of 6 g Neem leaf powder per kg of standard ration, followed by 8 g Neem leaf powder. Almost all the treatments were economically superior over the control.
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Manish Meshram, UK Shukla, Rameshwar Patile and Mohit Bhardwaj. Effect of neem leaf powder on body weight of broilers. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(5S): 1628-1630.

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